Cellular Imaging

Cells are the basic units of life. They determine normal organ function and disease development. Observations of living cells are vital to understanding, diagnosing, and successfully treating disease.

Our research program focuses on the development of novel “Cellular Imaging” technologies, which combine advances in cell biology and in vivo imaging technologies and generate detailed information about specific cells in the body.

Our goal is to develop innovative solutions for significant problems encountered in our daily clinical practice. We utilize cellular imaging technologies for improved cancer detection, diagnosis of cancer-associated inflammation, evaluation of novel cancer immunotherapies and monitoring of novel stem cell therapies.

Currently, diagnostic evaluations of our patients almost always involve acquiring and repeating multiple imaging tests, which are time-consuming, cause direct and indirect accumulated expenses and accumulated radiation exposures.
We ultimately aim to combine personalized cellular imaging technologies with whole body imaging tools in order to create one comprehensive diagnostic test for “one-stop” evaluations of our patients.